The LexTALE score consists of the percentage of correct responses, corrected for the unequal proportion of words and nonwords in the test by averaging the percentages correct for these two item types. We call this measure % correctav (averaged % correct). It is calculated as follows:

((number of words correct/40*100) + (number of nonwords correct/20*100)) / 2

If you administer the test online or with the downloads from this website, the score is automatically returned to you.

If you calculate the score yourself, note that in each version of the LexTALE (English, Dutch, and German), the first three items are dummies; responses to those items and are not taken into account for the calculation of the score!

In Lemhöfer & Broersma, 2012 , several scoring methods were compared. The current method, % correctav, turned out to yield the best results.


Lemhöfer, K., & Broersma, M. (2012). Introducing LexTALE: A quick and valid Lexical Test for Advanced Learners of English. Behavior Research Methods, 44, 325-343.